New range of PE100 Click&Lock push-fit lengths

When laying large diameters of DN90 and above in environments that make it difficult to use welding techniques (shored trenches, crowded and urban environments, etc.), push-fit solutions can be used with PE pipe lengths for the following: supplying and distributing drinking water, discharging waste and raw water and undergrounding power lines.

How it works

The Click&Lock system mechanically connects pipework together through push-fitting. An injected polymer sleeve providing the seal and mechanical locking is welded onto GR2, GR4 or GR5 pipes. Alimentary quality EPDM seals are used on drinking water networks.


The Click&Lock system is made out of PE100 Polyethylene and welded directly onto the pipes at our factory. The manufacturing material meets the NF EN 12 201 standard while the system itself has a Certificate of Sanitary Conformity (ACS). Pipes fitted with the Click&Lock system meet the French and European regulations in their respective fields of application.

Click&Lock Advantages

Our push-fit Click&Lock PE pipes allow buried and aerial networks to be mechanically connected by simple push-fitting, which not only saves a considerable amount of time (over 1 km of pipeline can be installed in a day), they also do not leak and are highly reliable.

PE pipes connected by Click&Lock have the same advantages as welded pipelines and are therefore impervious to stray currents and ground movements.

The Click&Lock is perfectly suited to the following pipe laying work:

  • forward probing
  • at depth (>1.5m)
  • in groundwater
  • in crowded and urban environments

Applications and range selection

Click&Lock is perfectly suited and applicable to our 6 or 12 metre PE pipe lengths for drinking water, sanitation, industrial water and power networks (in SDR 11 and SDR 17, DN90 to DN250).

You can find all our Click&Lock solutions in our new Infrastructures & Networks catalogue


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