Road Drain is a drainage geocomposite designed to protect roads, and is commonly known as an EDRC, or Roadside Drainage Screen.
Road Drain collects and channels laterally-migrating ground water which is captured over the entire face of the screen and runs into a perforated pipe incorporated into the solution, for subsequent discharge at an appropriate point.
It has an impermeable geospacer core that prevents any sideways migration of the water.
It provides an economical alternative to conventional solutions using aggregates and is a far simpler solution that is much faster to implement.
The geospacer’s void ratio (i.e. the proportion of voids in the material) is significantly higher than that for aggregate materials and the water flows much faster as a result. Road Drain has a much better flow capacity than 50 cm of stones.


  • Much greater flow capacity than conventional solutions using aggregates
  • Barrier that completely halts sideways migration of the water
  • Hydraulic continuity is assured where two rolls are joined together
  • Excavated site material can be used to backfill the trench
  • Fast, easy installation without special tools
  • Economical solution compared to those requiring aggregates, both in monetary and installation time terms
  • Only needs a narrow trench when installed
  • Chemically inert

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