Vegecor is a drainage geocomposite comprising a symmetrical thermoformed cellular High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geospacer core coupled with non-woven polypropylene filters.
It provides filtration, drainage and/or decoupling, retention and planted roof and patio protection. Certain Vegecor versions have high water retention capacities, making them ideal for planting on.


  • 20% higher water retention for improved plant growth, reduced irrigation volumes, less maintenance and lower quantities of rainwater going down the drain
  • Zero risk of clogging thanks to the 100% percolation surface (as opposed to around 25% for polystyrene panels) and grooves, providing high drainage capacities over the long term.
  • Higher isotropic drainage capacity than 10 cm aggregate.
  • Secure linking (without accessories) by pushing the geospacers together
  • Additional watertight barrier protection against damage during installation of the substrate.
  • Stable and easy to fit as it comes in panels (220 m2 per pallet) or rolls.
  • Chemically inert to salts, alkalis, acids and petroleum products

Materials: HDPE (geospacer) & PP (geotextile)
Thicknesses (geospacer): 16, 20, 25 and 40 mm
Standards: NF EN ISO 12958

Vegecor can also be used for the following applications

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