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Drinking water

Drinking water networks

Detectable drinking water supply networks

Drinking water supply network pipes and connections

Pre-insulated pipes for cold sanitation water


Pressurised sanitation networks

Waste water pipes and connectors / Lift pump solutions

Raw and industrial water

Pressurised transport and evacuation of non-potable water

Green space watering and irrigation

Crop irrigation

Green space watering

Micro-irrigation (drip watering)

Greenhouse heating

Construction and building drainage and protection

Multi-purpose drains

Construction and Civil Engineering drainage geocomposites

Retaining wall drainage

Anchored retaining wall drainage

Bridge deck drainage

Ground consolidation

Road drainage

Road shoulder drainage

Porous road surfaces

Culvert and gutter drainage

Tunnel drainage

Barrage and dam drainage

Covered ditch drainage

Slope stabilisation

Porous core without geotextile

Environment drainage geocomposites

Topsoil – Landfill Sites

Cell Sides and Floors – Landfill Sites

Leak detection – Landfill Sites

Gas venting – Basins and Landfill Sites

Landscaping work drainage

Building drainage geocomposites

Paving and flagging drainage

Protection and Drainage of foundations

Roof garden drainage

Roof and patio drainage

Sports ground drainage


Gas distribution networks

[Download not found]

Gas supply connections

[Download not found]

Sanitation, Heating and Multi-energy technology

Indoor Heating and Sanitation

Pre-insulated flexible ducting system

Urban heating


Heating and Sanitation

Cold and ice water

Fittings and accessories

Geothermal solutions

Horizontal probes

Geothermal baskets

Vertical probes

Geothermal foundation piles

Related services

Building ventilation

Building ventilation (interior fitment)

HVAC pipes

Accessories (building ventilation)

Building ventilation (exterior fitment)

Winter ground-coupled heat exchanger and ventilation kits

Optical fibre

FTTB (Fibre To The Building) networks

[Download not found]


Electrical networks

  • [Download not found]
  • [Download not found]

Electrical installations

ICTA corrugated cable conduit

Pre-wired conduit

IRL / MRL rigid conduit

Accessories (electricity)

Network protection

Coloured protective ducting and cable conduit

Protective conduit with coloured stripes

Accessories for buried ducting and cable conduit

Underfloor channelling for PEX pipes

[Download not found]

Surface-mounted cable protection

Network detection and georeferencing

Piping identification

Network mapping

Network traceability

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