HDPE Tools

Useful calculators designed by our project office and drinking water supply network technicians for dimensioning polyethylene (HDPE) pipework.

Filler cost calculation

This module calculates the cost of filler and excavated material disposal per meter of trench, assuming a 10 cm layer above and below the pipe. The default trench width is that set out in Section 71.

Aerial installation

Method for calculating the distance between two supporting points in a horizontal installation. The values should be doubled in the case of a vertical installation.

Ballast for submerged pipes

Method for calculating the ballasting of an HDPE pipe that is submerged in water. This calculation is valid for sea outfalls at depths greater than 15 m. Additional measures must be taken (e.g. trenching) at shallower depths to counteract the effect of the waves

Gravity-fed sanitation flow

Method for calculating the flow in unpressurised pipework using the Manning Strickler formula. The flow is determined according to the diameter, fill level, slope and Strickler coefficient. The maximum flow is achieved with a fill level of 94%. The Strickler coefficient depends on the material used, ranging from 62 to 77 for rough concrete, 71 to 90 for smooth concrete, and 90 to 120 for polymers.

Connection diameter

Method for calculating the diameter of a connection not exceeding 50 m in length. The calculation works out the coefficient of simultaneity used to calculate the flow rate from the number and type of different water use points, as described in DTU 60.11. A recommended diameter is then provided

Load loss

Method for calculating the regular load losses in pressurised piping carrying water at 10°C using the Colebrook formula.

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