Geothermal solutions for the tertiary sector

This 19,000 m2 office building is exemplary!

It is one of the largest construction projects of its kind in France! The building covers more than 19,000 m2 and is very energy-efficient. It was designed to produce more energy than it uses and qualify for the BEPOS3 label from Effinergie. It meets its own energy requirements and gives off a surplus that could be distributed locally to homes via a smart grid, an intelligent energy management network. Thanks to the building quality and remarkable energy performance, we are also aiming for the “Exceptional” category of HQE certification.

This 19,000 m2 office building is exemplary: it is an energy-positive structure with HQE (high environmental quality) certification. From the design phase, targets were set to cut energy consumption and the building achieves highly positive operating performance.


Project type: New build
Building type: Tertiary
Construction time: 18 months
Year delivered: 2016
Net surface area15,746 m2
Cost of construction: €42,950,000
Proportion of geocooling cost: < 1.0%
Cost/m²: €3,650/m2

Operating feedback

For this project, Terrendis® supplied vertical geothermal probes, fitted with ELIOT passive RFID chips ®. Once the project has been completed, they mean that the drilling company is able to precisely locate the probe at any time, and recover all the relevant information. Increasingly widespread on gas and drinking water networks, these passive RFID chips are now included in geothermal solutions: a first for ELIOT with this remarkable project and some very positive feedback from the client.

Made from High-Density Polyethylene (PE 100 RC) and compliant with standard NFX 10960, Terrendis probes are produced from start to end then tested in the Rhône-Alpes region, at the plant in Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs.  Heating and cooling is then possible, via the ground, over the predefined surface area. Now, the project’s total cooling energy requirements are provided by the heat pump.

Number of probes: 35 units at 200 m

Thermal production in 2018: 513 MW

Cold production in 2018: 488 MW

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