Connection kit for antifreeze protection system

Pre-insulated conduit with antifreeze protection incorporates a 10W/m heated cord that runs along the pipe to protect stationary water from freezing.

The heated cord must be connected to the 220V/50 hertz mains supply.

The circuit must be protected by a 30mA RCD and a 16A fuse.
We strongly recommend using an ambient temperature thermostat for the following reasons:

  • To automatically switch on the heated cord when there is a freezing risk or when the temperature drops below the preset setpoint (usually + 2°C)
  • To prevent the heated cord from always being on and thereby save energy.

The length of the cord must not exceed 100 m. When longer lengths are required, they must be made up of separate antifreeze cords powered separately.

The antifreeze cord can be cut to any length (Length < 100 m to match the pipe length).
To ensure that the antifreeze protection works properly and prevent short circuits, the two antifreeze cord wires must be insulated separately.

Ambient temperature thermostat

Item No.: HCTherm
Wall-mounted ambient temperature thermostat
Protection rating: IP 54
Adjustment range: - 10 °C... + 40 °C
Switching current: 230 VAC / 16 A
Voltage: 230 VAC
Installed outside for correct operation

Junction box

Item No.: HCBox
This junction box is made of PVC and is used to connect the heated cord to the mains supply.
Protection rating: IP 55
Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 45 mm

HCSL electrical insulation and protection kit
Junction box

Item No.: HCSL
This protection and insulation kit is designed to connect the antifreeze cord to the mains supply and insulate the ends of the electric wires;
the kit consists of:

  • 1 sealing nut for the entry to the HCBOX
  • 3 heat-shrink sheaths for insulating the supply and earth wires.
  • 1 long heat-shrink sheath for insulating the heated cord where it is connected
  • 2 shorter heat-shrink sheaths for insulating the ends of the antifreeze cord
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