Nappe Solpac (Solpac Membrane) is a drainage geocomposite comprising a thermoformed HDPE geospacer with a symmetrical and impermeable cellular structure coupled with a geotextile on one or both sides. Its purpose is to drain the water percolating through the topsoil and prevent overloading of the ground.
Nappe Solpac membranes are ideally suited to draining all types of Civil Engineering works, including roads and motorways, railways, barrages and dams, etc. They are also used for draining earthworks and stabilising slopes as part of landscaping, covering and leak detection work on landfill sites.
Various compression resistance levels are available (up to 900 kPa) to precisely match the technical requirements of your project.


  • High flow rates that remain constant over the long term thanks to the elevated creep strength that is directly linked to the cellular design of the product
  • Uniform flow over the entire surface and in every possible direction, irrespective of the direction in which the product is installed
  • Hydraulic continuity is assured by connecting membranes together
  • Improves structural waterproofing performance by providing an extra barrier that prevents most water from reaching the layer underneath
  • Quick and easy to install
  • The large rolls lend themselves to fast, optimised installation over large areas
  • High friction angle with the support layer thanks to the cellular structure. Reduced slippage risk
  • Economical solution
  • Chemically inert

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