Terra Extrem RT is a high temperature PE-RT geothermal probewith a fusion-welded connection system that is designed to capture the heat in the ground or recharge it to a maximum temperature of 70°C in 7 lengths.
Terra Extrem PE-RT probes are manufactured from special polymer resins known as Polyethylene – Raised Temperature that give them their ability to fulfil two functions:
capturing heat from the ground to redistribute it throughout the building using a thermodynamic system (heat pump) to heat or cool the business premises or home
– recharging the thermally depleted ground to a maximum temperature of 70°C. It is this that distinguishes them from conventional HDPE probes.


  • PE-RT (Polyethylene – Raised Temperature) probe
  • 2 x ø32 outgoing pipes and 2 x ø32 return pipes
  • probe foot with double venting system to ensure long-term operation of the probe
  • Tool-free fixing and assembly of the probe foot thanks to the clip-on shield
  • Protective shield made of impact- and scoring-resistant Noryl (polyester-reinforced glass fibre)
  • Metric markings from the base of the probe (marked 0) for checking for blockages
  • Traceability: each probe is identified by a serial number
  • Comprehensive range of accessories: inspection pits, coolant fluid, injection pipes, spreaders, grout, etc.

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