Highly flexible pre-insulated piping system with two coolant pipes, one for the outgoing flow, the other for the return flow, inside a single outer jacket, mainly used to carry central heating water, hot sanitation water and other fluids in buried networks.
The coolant pipes are made of PER-a reticular polyethylene with an oxygen barrier and are coloured orange for the outgoing circuit and blue for the return circuit. This difference in coolant pipe colours makes it easy to identify the outgoing and return flow pipes, even after dust seals and heat-shrink sleeves have been fitted.
The heat insulation comprises several layers of closed cell reticular microcellular polyethylene foam that is completely impermeable to water.


  • Totally watertight
  • UV-resistant outer jacket
  • Highly flexible system

Coolant pipe: PER-a / SDR 11 / PN 6
Outside diameter: OD 25 to 63mm
Maximum fluid temperature: + 95 °C
PER insulating foam:
Water absorption less than 1% according to ISO 2896
Packaging: Coil lengths, all diameters: 100 m
Standards: Oxygen barrier complies with DIN 4726
Designed in accordance with European standard EN 15632-1&3
CFC-free manufacture
ACS (Certificate of Sanitary Conformity)

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