ICTA flexible corrugated cable conduit is amongst the conduits whose use is now mandatory for electrical installation safety under French regulations. Thanks to its superior technical attributes, ICTA Janojet 3522 flexible corrugated cable conduit is the conduit of choice for safe installations. It is quick and easy to install, robust and highly resistant to damage.

What is ICTA flexible corrugated cable conduit used for?

ICTA (a French acronym for flexible corrugated cable conduit) is fire-resistant and comes in black with grey stripes. It should not be confused with black conduit with coloured stripes which are not fire resistant and which are designed for underground operations. Its purpose is to provide mechanical protection for cables passing through solid and/or cavity building materials such as stud walls.

It is vital to choose conduit that is damage-resistant, as measured by the force needed to crush it expressed in Newtons (N) and its impact resistance expressed in Joules (J). ICTA Janojet 3522 flexible corrugated cable conduit is fully compliant with the NF EN 61386-22 standard and is mandatory for all indoor surface-mounted installations below 2 m in height where impacts are likely (e.g. in underground car parks).

Installing ICTA flexible corrugated cable conduit such as Janojet 3522 not only protects your electrical cables effectively and complies with the installation standards, it also greatly reduces the risk of short-circuits and electric shock.

The advantages of ICTA Janojet 3522 flexible corrugated cable conduit

ICTA Janojet 3522 flexible corrugated cable conduit has numerous advantages. It can be used in a variety of different areas:

  • Risers
  • Crawl spaces
  • Underground cable routing
  • Buildings open to the public
  • High rise buildings

Its technical performance is also excellent:

  • 750 N crushing resistance @ 23°C (50% maximum deformation)
  • Excellent impact resistance: IK10 / 20 J @ -5°C
  • Flame retardant (1kW burner)
  • Halogen-free (<0.5%)

Bends easily and comes with a pull-through for much easier fitting and installation. Can be surface-mounted or recessed inside buildings (e.g. to protect external meter cabling to interior electricity distribution boards). Also compatible with fire-retardant sleeves and suitable caps. Flexible and easy to fit, saving considerable installation time on site.

To summarise, ICTA Janojet 3522 flexible corrugated cable conduit:

  • Saves installers considerable time compared to conventional conduit and cable tray solutions
  • Provides good connection and load strength between different sections of conduit
  • Is easy to implement with incomparable fitting flexibility
  • Is easier to maintain as it does not need to be enclosed in fireproof ducting
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