#International – Building a national highway in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The roadside drainage screen solution selected to protect the Kinkala–Mindouli road

As part of the work to build the Kinkala–Mindouli section of the national highway N1 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the roadside drainage screen solution was chosen as a means of protecting the road. To ensure a long service life for the road surface, the roadside drainage screen solution was used to help reduce the water content of the road structure and thus improve its load-bearing capacity.

The Road Drain system, made up of a cellular core, with a geotextile and sheath into which a drainage pipe can be introduced, is as close as it comes to being the ideal solution, simply because it is extremely effective and economical.

This system is now in widespread use in France. Trenches are often narrow and there are substantial savings compared to buying and applying gravel. In short, quicker installation requiring fewer resources and offering higher performance.

The ROAD DRAIN product is an alternative to the aggregate materials initially planned. Apart from the financial gains, the solution helps considerably reduce operation times and facilitates installation for higher flow capacity performance.

Product description 

  • THE GEOSPACER: This halts any sideways migration of the water for greater security in use: high flow and impermeable geospacer. It collects resurgence and evacuates any excess water at the interfaces with the road structure.
  • THE GEOTEXTILE: This is a filter that completely covers the geospacer.
  • THE DRAIN: An identical porous drain to those used in conventional ditch drainage, positioned in the sheath.
  • INSTALLATION: This product is laid manually. The excavated material can be used for backfill.

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Site: Kinkala-Mindouli road (54 km batch) - Democratic Republic of Congo
Project owner: Ministry of Finance
Project management: Ministry for Public Works
Companies: Razel Bec & DTP Terrassement
Product: Road Drain 1m/20cm L=48m
Quantity: 13 km

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