Terrendis equips a 6,000 square metre poultry farm with renewable energy heating


Terrendis, the heating and renewable energy specialists, supplied a network of 600 m pre-insulated pipes as part of a wood-fired heating system in a poultry farm in the Pays de la Loire region. When the work was finished, the 4 chicken barns with a total surface area of 6,000 square metres raising 140,000 broilers at a time were heated by a wood-fired heating system that was not only economical, but ecological as well.

The Garrot’s poultry farm located in La Cueillerie in the Loiron region (53) initially had 3 chicken barns and had been heated by a radiant gas system. The owners decided that, as part of their expansion programme that included putting up a fourth building, they wanted to modernise their operation by installing wood-chip boilers.

The work was completed in October 2017 and enables the farmers to:

▪ Reduce their heating bills by switching from gas to wood-chip boilers

▪ Prevent CO2 increases in the buildings by using hot water heating in each chicken barn

▪ Improve the atmosphere in the chicken barns by having better humidity levels.

An illustration of the advantages renewable energies can bring to the farming community

Poultry farms need flexible installations whose heat production can be adjusted to suit requirements that vary according to the season and growth phases of the chicks. This is why GR Énergies, the company in charge of the boiler and heating network installation work, opted for 3 independent wood-chip boilers, each with a 200 KW heating capacity, for improved safety and to eliminate the risk of breakdown.

Terrendis supplied 600 metres of pipe in total for the heating network between the wood-chip boilers and the chicken barns, comprised of:
▪ 400 metres of large diameter single pipe for the main network.
▪ 220 metres of smaller diameter double pipe for connecting the buildings .

Pre-insulated piping systems that save energy lend themselves extremely well to being combined with heat production systems using renewable energy such as biogas, heat pumps and wood or wood-pellet boilers.
The polyethylene foam used to insulate the pipework ensures that the insulation it delivers is durable and constant over time.

The rigorous selection procedure we apply to the raw materials used to make our products and our environmentally-friendly production processes mean that Terrendis is able to offer products and solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. These technologies are especially well-suited to the agricultural sector, which is now a major driver of our company’s development.

Terrendis France offers a comprehensive range of heating pipework that is especially well-suited to the agricultural sector, particularly as regards connecting wood-fired boilers and installing heat networks that can take advantage of the heat produced in biogas installations.

An ecological solution

As part of its drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Elydan, through its Terrendis® brand, offers products that look after the environment and combat energy wastage with quality standards that are amongst the most exacting on the market. Pre-insulated flexible pipe solutions can be used to replace or complement older, more rigid solutions such as lagged steel pipes. Terrendis also delivers innovation with its horizontal geothermal solutions, vertical probes and geothermal baskets designed to recover heat from the ground.

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Single heating conduit

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