How to correctly handle PE lengths and drums

Here are a few rules to follow to ensure that lengths and drums of polyethylene piping are correctly installed…

– Organisation of the packaging and storage area must be carefully considered to ensure as far as possible that nothing can damage the pipes or drums, nor should the said pipes and drums be dragged along the ground.

– Loading and unloading: personnel must be aware at all times of where the forklift truck forks are pointing to prevent damage to the product during loading and unloading. Unloading is considerably easier when mobile cranes are used. For safety reasons, full and empty drums must be chocked and strapped to the lorry. Once unloaded, drums can be prevented from rolling about by chocking them.

– Paying out the pipe form the drum: the outer end of the pipe must be fixed to the pulling system and the links cut layer by layer as the pipe is paid out. To prevent accidents, side access to the links should be prohibited. The final link fixing the inner end of the pipe to the drum should only be released when all the pipe has been paid out and it has been secured.

By following these few rules and tips, the product can be installed without damage or danger to those handling it.



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