How to correctly install a mains water connection

The connection is the part of the network that links the main supply to the water meter. There are an estimated 33 million plus of such connections in France.
It is easy to see why correct dimensioning and quality implementation are necessary for durable installations.

Connection dimensioning is governed by the DTU (Document Technique Unifié – Unified Technical Document) managed by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment – Technical and Scientific Centre for Buildings). Connections come under DTU 60.11, which allows for all the appliances connected to the connection so that a simultaneous flow rate can be determined and the pipe size calculated. RYB has developed iPhone and Android apps for dimensioning HDPE pipes in accordance with DTU 60.11, which are available on the AppleStore and PlayStore respectively.

Here is an example of which DN to use for which maximum simultaneous flow rate:

HDPE DN Qmax (l/s) * Typical supply example
200.23 Individual appliance
250.57 Individual flat, small house
321.00 Large house – Small block of flats
401.51 Large house – Small block of flats
502.36 Small housing development
633.75 Small housing development
*Length between tap and supply point less than 100 m.

Only High Density PE80 is used for connection pipework as it meets all the connection requirements of flexibility, weldability, reliability and durability.

PE80 is a better option than PE100 because of its greater flexibility.

The tapping off is done with a fusion-welded connection socket, as this technique prevents leakage and does not require a rubber seal. The connection is 100% welded and integrated, making it impervious to ground movements and is mandatory for gas supplies.

A stop valve that is also made of polyethylene is normally installed just behind the connection socket as it can be welded to it and the supply pipe.

You can say goodbye to leaks as all the buried connection unions are welded!



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