Inserting cables into TPC cable conduit

Inserting electric cables into TPC (Tube de Protection de Câble – Cable Protection Conduit) is simple.

Nevertheless, to guarantee easy and durable installations, a few technical points should be followed.

Corrugated HDPE TPC conduit should be installed using industry best practice in accordance with the points set out below:

–       The conduit should be laid on a clean bed at the bottom of the excavation and there should be no rough edges or hard points.

–       Where the direction changes, the bend radii of the conduit after laying must not go below 20 times the outer diameter of the cable to ensure that it can be fed through properly.

–       Once the conduit has been laid down, it should be covered with 20 cm of earth or sand-gravel aggregate with any large stones removed.

The protective conduit coils must have pull-throughs designed exclusively for threading the conduit.

The procedure for threading cables inside TPC protective conduit is as follows:

–       Step 1: fit the pulling bit to the pull-through in the TCP conduit coils.

–       Step 2: insert the electric cable using the pulling bit installed by the company.

Cable movement is made considerably easier by the smooth inner wall designed to make the cables slide easily when being pulled through.

The pull-through in the TPC protective conduit coils must never be used to directly insert electric cables.

It is also important to note that under no circumstances should jetting be used to thread electric cables through TPC protective conduit.



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