Quality Control

Polyethylene pipes are manufactured in accordance with specifications, control plans and/or set requirements verified through regular checks. Although Quality and Control are often linked, they serve different functions.


The quality system (quality) consists of a comprehensive set of documents designed to implement the quality and continuous improvement policy. It directly affects and concerns company structure and is governed by the ISO 9000 standards.

The Quality Management System or QMS is involved in improving the company’s management and reaching goals set by the directors. By applying these documents, the company can be assured of the repeatability of its manufacturing processes, controls and everything it does (commercial, financial, logistical, etc.).


Controls are operations designed to determine whether or not the product being inspected complies with the specifications or requirements established beforehand using the appropriate means. Controls determine whether or not the product under scrutiny can be declared as compliant. Furthermore, in addition to checking the product, controls also verify whether or not all the applicable processes, instructions and directives have been followed and cover all a company’s processes and fields of activity.

All the above operations are formalised in reports that are used to analyse the controls and thereby implement immediate or more long-term actions.

To conclude, whereas the quality department issues the organisational directives that are required to produce compliant products (and services), the control department ensures that the product or service complies with the expectations of the customer.


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